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We are a British National household, full-time residents of a country home in the province of Almeria, eastern Andalucía, Spain. We are neither a registered charity, nor an accredited dog-adoption agency. As a non-profit-making enterprise, our sole and principle distinguishing feature is the fact that all of the dogs housed at our home are fed exclusively on a strict vegetarian diet (see recipe page).  We are also currently in the process of helping to find adoption places for a small number of dogs owned by neighbouring local Spanish householders, who, for a number of years now, have been cared for by ourselves, at their own properties, during the repeated absences of owners unable to reside on-site full-time. When fed by us, they remain on the same diet as our own dogs, and indeed, as the weeks passed by from when we first began, these dogs also presently demonstrated a preference for the content of our own concoctions over the content of the owners’ food. So much so that today the owners are obliged to offer them largely vegetable-based provisions, when in residence, or the animals would regularly reject their meals.


Predictably enough, this was of some surprise to our Spanish neighbours, but since - previous to our arrival - their dogs would have been fed just once or twice a week (a status quo which, in any case, contravenes recently-introduced European regulations concerning the proper care of domestic animals), due to the necessity of the proprietors retaining principle residences near their places of employ, in town, they were pleased to see the improvement in their “pets”, under our supervision, both physically and morally, whatever views they might have, at first, formulated on the suitability of our vegetarianism for their canines.


If the website visitor has more than a passing interest in the proposals on offer herein, they are requested to click on to our gallery page, where each dog up for adoption has his or her credentials displayed in full, along with identifying photographs, including, naturally enough, the individual distinctions already mentioned in terms of full vegetarian diet or part-vegetarian  - depending on where the dog is currently in residence.


Other than the application of sanitation, vaccination and identity conditions required by Spanish law, furthermore, any of our animals that might have required therapeutic care have been treated by what is termed Natural Medicine - that is to say holistic and herbal remedies - as we do not subscribe to chemical products and the debilitations to animal immune systems that often result from their uncertain and inconsistent usage.


We do not charge any adoption fee - although transportation to areas far afield will require the transport costs to be met by the prospective adopters. We do require, however, a comprehensive and detailed submission of credentials and references relating to any individual or family applying for one of our animals - including a site visit by one of our representatives to view the animal’s future home environment. Though we do not automatically reject prospective owners subsisting on a non-vegetarian diet, naturally enough any legitimate vegetarian applicants will be allotted greater priority, and we reserve the right to refuse any offer we may deem as unsuitable.


Nor are we able to review or consider any requests from any enquirer hoping to have an additional dog taken into care at our home-base, or under our auspices. As we have not requested any accredited administrative, or authoritative, support, we are limited in the number of animals permitted by law on site at any one time, and accordingly cannot accept any applications whatsoever from anyone seeking to add to our resident numbers.


We can, however, put interested parties in touch with a number of local and international agencies, with whom we have had dealings with in the past, and with whom we retain amicable and mutually-supportive relationships. We list a few organisations in our area, here below -


APSA  (Albox)  -  www.apsa.org.es


San Animal Santuario  (Aguilas)  -  www.sananimal.org


Ibizan Hound Rescue  (Puerto Lumbreras)  -  www.ibizanhoundrescue.com


Pets Paradise (Turre)  -  https://www.facebook.com/PetsParadiseAnimalSanctuary